What happened in Parkland is a heartbreaking tragedy that, by all accounts, could have been prevented many times over. I applaud the Florida House on it’s call for the removal of Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel. If he had any concern at all for the people of Broward County he would resign his post immediately. His department failed in every aspect of this situation. It failed miserably and it failed over and over again. The FBI also failed in it’s duty to protect the students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

Today, the Florida legislature will begin discussing how to react to this tragedy and to prevent another massacre like we saw in Parkland. While I am glad to see a number of measures in these proposals to fortify our schools, train our school staffs and students and equip our school administrators with tools to help address violence on their campuses, some are overreaching and could hinder lawful gun owners from exercising their rights. We cannot allow an emotional reaction to this horrific event infringe upon the rights of people who have done nothing wrong and who join with all of us in mourning the loss of these precious children.