Bob White Welcomes Jack Latvala to Race for Florida’s Governor

Bob White Welcomes Jack Latvala to Race for Florida’s Governor


Melbourne, Florida –  Jack Latvala announced today that he will be joining Bob White and Adam Putnam in the Republican primary for governor of Florida.

The longtime state senator, a fixture of the Tallahassee political establishment, will have served a combined 16 years in the state legislature when the 2018 session ends early next year. His tenure and in some cases Chairmanship of various powerful committees during that time put him in a position to raise millions of dollars in dark money contributions from special interests with business before the legislature and he took full advantage of that opportunity.

“Jack is a far cry from the traditionally conservative candidate that he claims to be. His support for issues like in-state tuition for undocumented students, medicaid expansion, corporate welfare and high speed rail will not be supported by Republican voters. His opposition to term limits and his threats to do away with them will be especially difficult for him to overcome” said White.

Senator Latvala is backed by many powerful and traditionally anti Republican organizations such as the AFL-CIO, the United Auto Workers Union and even the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, all of whom were instrumental in helping Barack Obama get elected and then reelected as President.

According to White, “The press continues to equate viability with how much special interest dark money a candidate has raised. Unfortunately for Jack his liberal progressive voting record makes him a non-starter in this race. I don’t care how much money he’s raised, or will raise, using his power position as Ways & Means Committee Chairman of the Florida Senate. I sincerely welcome him to the race but it is highly unlikely that he can muster any meaningful support in a Republican primary.”




Melbourne, Florida – Monday, July 3, 2017 –Adam Putnam, Republican candidate for Florida governor, was purposefully misleading potential voters on Thursday when he hit the airwaves in the greater Tampa market claiming to be the only Republican in the race for Florida’s governor.

Fellow Republican gubernatorial candidate and chairman of the Republican Liberty Caucus of Florida, Bob White, not only called this notion preposterous but also questioned whether Adam Putnam could really call himself a Republican based on his prior record in office.

“The poster child for career politicians, with a republican in name only voting record, claims to be the only republican in the race. He’s the only RINO in the race but certainly not the only Republican”

White, who will be doing his own media tour in the Tampa market on July 7th with interviews with News Channel 8, 970WFLA, Bay News 9 and WMNF, will be challenging Putnam in the August 2018 primary after announcing his run for the top seat in the state in late May.

“As the Chairman of The Republican Liberty Caucus of Florida for the past 4 years I challenge Adam Putnam’s claim. He’s possibly the only one in the race that has never earned a private sector paycheck, but hardly the only republican. In fact, examine his voting record and you will wonder if he even is a republican at all.”




Melbourne, FL- Bob White, Republican Candidate for governor of Florida, put out a statement today with harsh words for legislative leadership at the close of the special legislative session.

After a regular legislative session that ended with several back room deals on budget issues and a controversial education bill, the legislature was called back for a 3 day special session dealing with the budget, education and in the end, the implementation of medical cannabis. It was yet another back room deal between legislative leadership and the Governor that resulted in the call for the special session.

On the first day of the special session, Mr. White wrote an open letter to the Florida legislature as a whole imploring them to stay true to their conservative principles. At the conclusion of the session White intoned that the legislature, dominated by its leadership, had failed the people once again.

During the special session the legislature approved the controversial education plan that was the priority of the speaker. In trade, an additional expenditure for higher education, which was sought by the senate president was approved. An additional $50,000,000 was added back in for Visit Florida. Finally, in what may be the largest political turn around on any issue, a new fund of $85,000,000 would be given to the governor to support training and infrastructure projects. This fund lacks any real transparency or accountability and the expenditure of these funds is at the complete discretion of just one person…the governor.

Mr. White had harsh words for this “compromise” deal:

“It is a sad state of affairs that we can no longer take the word of our legislative leadership. The people of Florida were promised more transparency. We were promised that we would see principled governance even when it was not politically expedient. In the end we were deceived.”

White continued “What we have seen with this special session, as we have so many times before, is that legislative leaders, bolstered by their control over millions of dollars in special interest contributions, rule the day in Tallahassee and there is little anyone will do to stand up against them.”

“The people of Florida are fed up with a legislative process dominated by back room deals, special interest lobbyists, dark money, and a lack of transparency not only in the process but also in how our tax dollars are so often spent with no real accountability.”

“We need change in Tallahassee and that change starts at the top. We need to send a message that we will not tolerate being lied to and our state seemingly up for sale to the highest special interest bidder. That is what my campaign was predicated on and what we will always stand for. The people of Florida, conservative principles and ethics in office, will always come first for me as governor. I am not a career politician like my opponent but I do have a keen understanding of the process and that is exactly what we need in Florida. An outsider with experience that will have the people’s interests at heart and not those of the special interests.”

Open Letter to the Florida Legislature


An Open Letter to the Legislators of Florida,

For years I’ve traveled back and forth to Tallahassee attempting to have an impact on the legislative process. I’ve watched the way things have worked in Tallahassee and have become disgusted by it. The people of Florida have been shut out of the process. We have had our voices muffled and silenced. As one back room deal paves the way for the next back room deal, the people of Florida have continually footed the bill for pet projects, higher regulations (that we then have to live under), corporate welfare schemes and crony capitalism projects.

I had hope for this this legislative session. Commitments were made. The process was going to be more open and transparent. Accountability to the people was to be the rule of the day. No more broken promises. It sounded grand. I looked on with cautious excitement that maybe this year would be different. That the people would matter. That principles would carry the day over political expediency.

I was wrong. We were all wrong.

This session may have been started with the lofty idea of more transparency, more ethics and more representation for the people of our state but it has ended in controversy, secrecy and the forgoing of the principles that it began on. This ruse of a special session is the epitome of everything that is wrong with our state government.

The people are fed up with the excuse that “this is just how it works” and we demand it to stop. We want better and we deserve better. It is the reason I started my campaign for Governor just a few short weeks ago.

As each one of you returns to Tallahassee today, I urge you to remember the promises you made to your constituents. We expect you to honor those promises. Our expectation is that you will lead our state into an era of more oversight, more transparency and certainly more conservatism when it comes to handing out our hard earned money. We will be watching.


Bob White
Republican Candidate for Florida Governor




Melbourne, Florida – Tuesday, May 30, 2017 – Bob White, Republican candidate for governor and proponent of school choice, weighed in on the controversial education bill, HB 7069 urging the governor to sign the legislation. Mr. White does, however, side with opponents of the bill when it comes to the process used in this sweeping education legislation.

HB 7069 was put together in the final days of the 2017 legislative session by leadership. The bill itself is made up of several pieces of legislation largely comprised of house bills that had not made it through the entire committee process and was mostly not seen by the Florida senate chamber prior to the vote on HB 7069. Mr. White feels that, while within the rules, this does not respect our legislative process and should have been handled better by leadership.

However, the positive impact of HB 7069 can not be ignored. White, a long term proponent of school choice and other free market principles being introduced into our education system, calls this legislation a good start to fixing some of our chronically failing public schools while also providing more help for students with disabilities, being more flexible on test protocols for 3rd – 6th graders and even creating a “Founders Month” in which children will learn to be proficient in civics.

The most controversial portion of the legislation, the Schools of Hope, which would give more funding to charter schools in chronically failing school districts, White calls the “right thing to do.” A 2015 study by the Center for Research on Education Outcomes, published by Stanford University, found that “urban charter schools on average achieve substantially greater levels of growth in math and reading relative to local TPS” (traditional public schools).

Furthering this, a 2014 study by Mathematica Policy Research performed one of the few studies on non-testing based education outcomes and found that students from charter schools on average had higher graduation rates, college entrance rates and higher median incomes as adults.

Even data used by the opponents of the legislation show that the majority of charter schools in the state of Florida rate the highest grading of an A or B (55%) while the majority of the traditional public schools receive a C or below grade (56%). Mr. White acknowledges the higher amount of charter schools receiving a failing grade than the traditional public schools (18% compared to 12%) but urges opponents to also understand that these failing charter schools are eliminated in Florida if they do not improve while traditional public schools will continue failing our students in perpetuity.

In the coming weeks the Bob White for Florida Governor team will be releasing Mr. White’s “Children First Education Plan” in which his goal is to have individual based outcomes and education plans for children to ensure that every child in our state can have the highest level of success in education.




Pledges to be a champion for the people of Florida

Melbourne, Florida – Monday, May 22, 2017 – Robert “Bob” White of Melbourne has filed to run for Governor of the state of Florida. Bob White is a fourth generation Floridian with a passion for politics and an unwavering commitment to the Constitution and limited government. He serves as the Chairman of the Republican Liberty Caucus of Florida (RLCFL), Chairman of the Republican Liberty Caucus of Central East Florida (RLCCEF) and is the founder and former Chairman of the Liberty Catalyst Fund (LCF).

Having witnessed first-hand the growing influence of special interest money on the political and legislative process in Florida, White made a personal commitment to the issues of political integrity in Florida elections and meaningful campaign finance reform. He has been instrumental in establishing the Come Clean Florida coalition as the vehicle for achieving these reforms.

“For the last eight years I’ve been going to Tallahassee during the legislative session to promote Liberty issues; limited government, personal freedom and free markets. I’ve seen the environment in Tallahassee change dramatically during that time. The people of Florida have lost their voice in the legislative process. It’s been drowned out by the dark money politics of the special interests and the politicians that are only too happy to play their game. The special interests have their champions in Tallahassee. Politicians line up to do their bidding in exchange for their six figure contributions. The people of Florida need a champion too! I will be their voice! I will be their champion!”

Mr. White will make his official announcement Saturday, May 27, 2017 at 2:30pm before the Republican Liberty Caucus’ national convention being held at the Rosen Centre Hotel, 9840 International Dr, Orlando, FL 32819. The event is open to the public and press.

Open Letter to the People of Florida


My Fellow Floridians,

I’m running for Governor because I love Florida. I’ve been a Floridian since the day I was born. I can’t imagine living anywhere else.

I grew up in Polk County, in the heart of the Florida citrus industry. As teenagers, we earned our spending money picking fruit, pruning trees, and moving irrigation pipe before and after school. We even worked “firing” the groves when the temperatures dropped below freezing. As a fourth generation Floridian, some of my fondest childhood memories are of family reunions on the shores of Silver Lake, near Palatka, or at my grandparent’s home in Okeechobee.

To be sure there are places in Florida where that idyllic lifestyle still exists. I hope we never lose that part of our heritage. But the reality is that times have changed. Florida is now the third largest state in the nation and is experiencing every advantage and disadvantage that kind of population growth inevitably brings. Growth presents opportunities and challenges. We need a government in Tallahassee that embraces the opportunities and rises to the challenges! Sadly, that’s not what we’ve been getting. I aim to change that.

The people of Florida have lost their voice in Tallahassee. It’s been drowned out by politicians pandering to the dark money politics of special interest groups. Millions of dollars in campaign cash are being laundered through political committees (PCs) that are able to accept unlimited contributions from rich and powerful special interests. They make exorbitant donations to each other in order to keep the dark money off campaign finance reports, effectively hiding the source of the donations from the voter. Trust me, the politicians keep track of who they owe political favors to and legislate in their favor.

There’s a much too powerful political class in Florida. It consists of the politicians, the lobbyists, and the rich and powerful corporations and special interests they represent. It’s an exclusive club and you’re not welcome. In Tallahassee, it’s their will be done, not yours.

My campaign will be about changing that environment. The special interests will have their champion. Politicians will be lining up to do their bidding. The people need a champion too. I’m running for Florida. I’m running for you! I’ll be your champion! I hope you’ll join us.

In liberty,
Bob White