I will be a “tough on crime” governor.

We must take violent criminals off the streets. I pledge to wholeheartedly support our law enforcement and all first responders as governor. In these trying times it is not enough to be just “tough on crime” but we must also be smart when it comes to handling the challenges faced by law enforcement. Protecting our citizens must be job number one.

We must recognize Florida is spending massive amounts of tax dollars keeping those who have committed nonviolent offenses behind bars while violent offenders are often released early due to overcrowding. Punishment is essential to the administration of justice but it is time to rethink how we handle nonviolent offenders that pose no threat to people or their property. The state’s approach to criminal justice is costing too much without effectively reducing recidivism.

  • Expansion of traditional work-release programs to reduce costs and improve offender outcomes, as well as the expansion of community-based alternative programs that focus on treatment and rehabilitation of mentally ill offenders while diverting them from jail.
  • Sentencing guidelines to give judges more options when trying individuals who have committed nonviolent crimes and give the formerly incarcerated better access to rehabilitation programs so those who leave prison don’t go back.
  • Giving judges the discretion to hand down sentences in a range versus a one-size-fits all approach like mandatory minimums.