Melbourne, Florida – Monday, July 3, 2017 –Adam Putnam, Republican candidate for Florida governor, was purposefully misleading potential voters on Thursday when he hit the airwaves in the greater Tampa market claiming to be the only Republican in the race for Florida’s governor.

Fellow Republican gubernatorial candidate and chairman of the Republican Liberty Caucus of Florida, Bob White, not only called this notion preposterous but also questioned whether Adam Putnam could really call himself a Republican based on his prior record in office.

“The poster child for career politicians, with a republican in name only voting record, claims to be the only republican in the race. He’s the only RINO in the race but certainly not the only Republican”

White, who will be doing his own media tour in the Tampa market on July 7th with interviews with News Channel 8, 970WFLA, Bay News 9 and WMNF, will be challenging Putnam in the August 2018 primary after announcing his run for the top seat in the state in late May.

“As the Chairman of The Republican Liberty Caucus of Florida for the past 4 years I challenge Adam Putnam’s claim. He’s possibly the only one in the race that has never earned a private sector paycheck, but hardly the only republican. In fact, examine his voting record and you will wonder if he even is a republican at all.”