The Affordable Care Act, “Obamacare”, has been a disaster.

Its replacement by our friends in Washington isn’t looking much better. If Washington fails to repeal this boondoggle and replace it with a number of free market solutions, costs will continue to go up, services will continue to decline and the potential impact on the states could be catastrophic. President Trump and Congress must repeal Obamacare and allow the free market to improve quality of care while bringing down prices.

The Florida House has been right in refusing Medicaid expansion dollars offered through Obamacare. Medicaid already accounts for approximately thirty percent of our state budget. Medicaid expansion would put Floridians on the hook for huge costs should the federal dollars run out or be significantly reduced. Furthermore, the level of care provided to Medicaid patients is substandard.  Adding millions more of our most vulnerable citizens to a failed Medicaid system that can’t adequately service the load it currently carries is not the right solution.

As governor, I will fight for waivers to opt out of Affordable Care regulations, such as the “essential benefits” requirement that drives up insurance premiums. We will seek out new and innovative ways to provide care for our most vulnerable. We will facilitate the expansion of direct primary care practices between doctors and patients and also the establishment of concierge medical practices.