Secure borders are not just an immigration issue. They are a national security issue.

Constitutionally, immigration and naturalization are clearly within the purview of the Federal government. On this there can be no debate. Local and county governments, as political subdivisions of the State of Florida, should be expressly prohibited by the state from harboring illegal immigrants, or in any way practicing any of the policies commonly associated with sanctuary cities.

As Governor, I will take my responsibility for the safety of our citizens as my utmost priority. House Bill 697 by Representative Metz, dealing with sanctuary cities was passed in the House of Representatives this past session but the Senate companion bill, Senate Bill 786 by Senator Bean was not taken up by the Senate. Both bills should be introduced again in the 2018 session, passed, and sent to the Governor for his signature.

Let me be clear. This is not about legal immigration. My wife is a first generation American. Her mother immigrated to California from Mexico when she was just 13 years old. Her father came to America from the Philippines shortly after the end of World War II. He was offered the opportunity to immigrate by the US Government in recognition of his service in the US Military during the war. My life is certainly better because they chose to come here!

We welcome with open arms all those that follow our laws in immigrating to America. We should not provide sanctuary to those that do not.