As governor, I will push to reduce regulations, business and professional fees and permits, as well as unnecessary licensing laws that make it cost prohibitive to start a small business.

For too long, the Governor and legislature have focused on luring large corporations to Florida with tax incentives and financial grants. These incentive programs have given special privileges to a few well-connected large corporations while existing small businesses and taxpayers have been left to pay the tab. Many of these subsidized businesses never create the jobs they promised and a some have even gone bankrupt before the state ever saw one job. This is our money that we will never get back.

Businesses looking for large cash incentives can leave just as soon as they find the next big handout. Florida is a market of over 18 million consumers with a business environment that includes low taxes, a very hospitable climate, and a skilled, well educated work force. These are appealing qualities for businesses looking to relocate, and these same qualities will make them want to stay once they’re here. Florida can compete with any state in the nation without having to throw taxpayer dollars away in the process.

Eliminating barriers into the market will spur economic growth for businesses large and small. It is the surest way to attract businesses to relocate to Florida while at the same time enabling existing Florida businesses of all sizes to grow and create new jobs for Floridians.

Let’s say NO to crony capitalism … No to corporate welfare … and No to the state picking winners and losers!