Simply put, state government is too big.

I am committed to reducing the size of government by looking at every penny we spend and looking for ways to remove redundancy and waste in every department.

The two largest budget categories are Medicaid and Education. The long term costs associated with failing schools are significant. Expanding school choice and strengthening vocational education will produce the highest possible educational outcomes at the lowest possible price, while empowering all students to become productive members of society.

The Florida Medicaid program covers approximately 4 million low-income individuals, making Medicaid the second largest single program in the state, behind public education, representing 31 percent of the total budget.

The best way to reduce Florida’s Medicaid burden is to empower citizens with good paying jobs, helping them to escape the cycle of dependency. Our “Real Jobs” program will remove the barriers of excessive regulation, unwarranted business and professional fees and permits, as well as unnecessary licensing laws that make it cost prohibitive to start a small business. It is also true that when we incarcerate a non-violent offender we are sometimes locking up a bread winner and forcing his or her family onto Medicaid or other forms of government assistance.

These solutions combined with our asset divestiture and criminal justice reform will go a long way to reign in government spending but as governor I won’t stop there. Every department and program will be under the proverbial microscope to ensure every dollar is spent effectively and efficiently.