Extremely serious charges of sexual harassment have been brought against Senator JackLatvala. Charges which he has denied, insisting that he will fight to clear his name. To pile on for political purposes, which we have seen others do, would be irresponsible at this point. An investigation has been initiated by the Senate President. We need to let that investigation run it’s course and see where it leads. If the allegations prove to be true then decisive action would certainly be required. 

What I find especially disturbing is that apparently many female staffers, lobbyists, and even legislators have remained silent in the face of this type of behavior, fearing backlash and reprisal if they speak out against it publicly, or even privately to leadership. Has the Florida Legislature become a hostile work environment for women? The investigation initiated by President Negron needs to be expanded to examine this broader question regarding the work place culture in our state capital. Sexual harassment of any kind must never be tolerated. The punishment for it needs to be swift and severe and to the extent possible, it needs to be decisively eradicated!”