Eight is enough. I pledge to protect and advance term limits for all elected officials.

Eight-year term limits are an essential safeguard to keep politicians from abusing their power.

In 1992, 77 percent of Floridians took to the ballot box to pass eight-year term limits on our state legislators and statewide officials. Since then, hundreds of our counties and municipalities have followed suit and added term limits.

As I can attest, these laws allow for citizens with fresh and new ideas to run for office and uproot the status quo whenever it ceases to serve the people.

Unfortunately, the political elite are no fans of term limits. Every couple of years, we hear rumblings in Tallahassee about gutting the law so legislators can keep power longer.

I oppose any efforts to lengthen or repeal Florida’s voter-approved eight year term limits. The fact that lobbyists and legislators frequently whine about the law is only evidence that it’s working.

I also believe term limits should be applied to as many public offices as possible, including judges on our State Supreme Court and District Courts of Appeal.

Elected office in America was never supposed to be a career. Good public service means serving for a short time, fighting for change, then returning home to live under the laws you made.
The more we to do to get back to this citizen legislator model, the better off our state and country will be.